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test3I have never cared for the taste of tap water. I know that it is safe to consume, but have always purchased bottled water from the grocery store. When I sat down to figure out how much of my budget was going towards bottled water from the store, I decided to call Willamette Water Technology for a quote on residential bottled water service. It was not nearly as much as I thought it would be.

Willamette Water Technology?delivers the water to my home so I never have to worry about going to the store, or lugging those heavy bottles from my car. They also have me setup on a regular delivery schedule so that I know that I will never run out of great tasting water.

I recently had my water tested by Willamette Water Technology. They found that I had elevated levels of Nitrate in my groundwater. Though the water is safe for utility use around the house, I was very concerned about consuming it. I found that these elevated levels were directly caused by herbicide and pesticide use throughout the local rural farming community over the past many years.

A representative from Willamette Water Technology?acted quickly and professionally. He set me up on bottled water service immediately, and answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. My family is very appreciative.

test1Our working environment breeds thirsty employees. Our indoor temperature can reach the upper 90’s when all of our heat presses are on-line. When this is the case, we rely on Willamette Water Technology to provide us with nothing but the best quality drinking water available. We have been loyal customers of?Willamette Water Technology since 1997, and would never consider service from another bottled water company. We look forward to each and every delivery.

Dear Willamette Valley Bottling,
Thank you for donating a water container to Oregon State University’s Collegiate FFA Program. Your generosity helped us to be able to raise money for high school students and for our club. We greatly appreciate your kindness.
Brooke Haskins
OSU Collegiate FFA Scholarship Chairperson

Dear Willamette Water Technology,
On behalf of Wah Chang I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your company’s support over the past seven months. During the strike we were able to operate all areas of our plant and continued to ship products to our customers. Your assistance in providing us with necessary goods and services was essential for us to achieve this truly monumental task.
Please pass the appreciation onto all the members of your team. Again, thanks for the help!
Lynn Davis
Wah Chang – Albany, Oregon